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Suofeiya® Collections


About Suofeiya® - Asia's No.1 Made-To-Measure Furniture Brand

Whether large or small, the common bugbears of furnishing a home is the lack of storage space. However, regardless of layout, floor space or type of home, there is nothing that built-in or customized furniture (Suofeiya®) can't solve!

*EFLOOR is a subsidary of Suofeiya®.


 Why Suofeiya®?


Made-To-Measure Wardrobes & Bedroom Furniture

Suofeiya® offers made-to-measure wardrobes at affordable prices. Most importantly, you can now custom fit your wardrobes to fit and accommodate any width and height. Standard wardrobe length starts from 1.2m onwards and a minimum height of 2.1m upwards. Our customized wardrobes also come with various inner shelving configuration and door types. Customize your wardrobe further with choices of over 10+ colors and types.


Made-To-Measure Tatami Beds

Talk about space-saving! Our Tatami bed collection offers simplicity and fully functional beds with ample storage compartments and drawers. Customize your tatami beds to your preferred depths, lengths and heights!


Made-To-Measure Bookcases & Cabinets

Ever faced with problems when buying off-the-shelves or ready-made furniture where the dimensions aren't exactly what you need them to be? Fret no more! With Suofeiya®'s made-to-measure bookcases and cabinets, you can now custom-fit your cabinets to shapes and sizes as you please! Say goodbye to un-utilized spaces!


Made-To-Measure Shoe Cabinets

It is hard to find the right type of shoe cabinets these days. Either you buy ready made ones but they simply don't fit the bill. Or you can try asking for quotes from your neighborhood contractors but the quotes aren't as affordable as you think they would be! And the workmanship has yet to be evaluated and scrutinized! Here at our Suofeiya® Flagship Store, you can visit us to touch and feel the quality but most importantly, get that type of shoe cabinet you've always wanted. Fully customizable and personal!